Passionate about delivering the best results for you and your business


Soul Consulting is a unique Business Development Company with a difference.

We do things differently. We are all about energy and passion. We understand that each of our clients is different, so we start by building detailed knowledge of your business, your target market, your sales proposition and what qualifies as a lead for you. 

We offer a range of business development services that clients can select as part of a personalised tailored package. Focusing on Business Development, Research, Project Management, Marketing, Data Cleansing, Client Relationship Management, Account Management, Lead Generation, New Business Development, Booking Meetings, School Event Co-ordination.

We work in partnership with you and your business and provide a service that no-one else can offer. Affordable and flexible, we work with you to get the best results and build long term successful relationships for you and your business.

Publications - UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2020 | Financial Times